Andi Nigh at Sargent's Pump Station BBQ

Sargent’s Pump Station BBQ (Home of the Best Pulled Pork Sandwhich Ever!)
445 Highway 71 North,
Alma, Arkansas 72921
1 (479) 632 – 5020

I grew up around world class BBQ. I got to watch former Memphis in May World Champions experiment on their cooking rigs and I have seen the elusive Preacher Sauce prepared in person. So when I eat at restaurants around the country, I am rarely impressed with what many of them try to pass off as BBQ. That being said I found the perfect pulled pork sandwich at Sargent’s Pump Station BBQ in Alma, Arkansas.

Often when you order pulled pork at a filling station or a small restaurant the meat is grilled or boiled rather than smoked. The sauces are often little more than glorified ketchup. And some even try to lather on some type of slaw or dressing over the pulled pork to mask the inadequacies of their sandwich. But this doesn’t happen at Sargent's. They generously butter and toast their buns before piling on a generous amount of pulled pork with an option of two fine sauces, sweet and hot. I could not believe how perfect this sandwich had been prepared. I had to order a second sandwich just to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me!

Andi Nigh, whose parents Butch & Judy Sargent own the filling station, says that she and her parents have been cooking BBQ at this location for the better part of a decade now.  She says that her father saw an opportunity to capitalize on a hobby he had been perfecting for years. Andi made sure I knew that everything they sold on the menu, especially the pies, were all made from scratch by her family!  

Here is an except from their lunch menu!

Pulled pork 3.99
smoked bologna 3.99
sausage links 3.99

add a side 4.59
add 2 sides 5.49

sliced/chopped brisket 4.39
add a side 5.19
add 2 sides 5.79

Pork slawburger 4.29
add a side 5.09
add 2 sides 5.79
(beef slawburgers add 1.00 to each)

Rib sandwich (2 ribs on light bread) 4.29

crazy salad (ranch dressing is all we serve) 5.99

cole slaw
baked beans
tator salad
fries (thru the lunch hour only)

single side orders: 1.49
pints (serves 4) 2.99
quarts (serves 8) 5.39
Here is a link to Sargent's Facebook Page