Brent & Robert on the HighLine in Tribeca

“All this goes on inside me, in the vast cloisters of my memory. In it are the sky, the earth, and the sea, ready at my summons, together with everything that I have ever perceived in them by my senses… in it I meet myself as well as remember myself and what I have done…”

 ~ St. Augustine   “Confessions”

The most authentic record of our existence presides most vividly within the empyreal confines of our own minds.  Virginia Woolf once wrote, “The beauty of the world is a sword with two edges… One of laughter and one of anguish cutting the heart asunder.”  With that sword, life inscribes on that most tender part of the heart, that evanescent quality emanating from those salient moments that inevitably consummate a life.  I believe that each moment and each person we encounter, however transient, changes who we are and who we will ultimately become.

I must concede that words are often inadequate when trying to explain that which the heart simply comprehends, but it is my belief that the memories we carry with us are the most lasting part of those people we love during our lives.  As long as those memories exist just below the surface within the deep marrow of our souls, we can never truly lose those that matter most to us.  My family and the friends I have made over my life have given me more than anyone could ever deserve.  They have made my life Extraordinary.  My one hope, my one true wish is that one day I can give them as much as they have given me.