The unseen or unexplained is often the central fascination of an unencumbered mind. We’ve all felt the pace of our hearts quicken in the mysterious interlude within those dark places that occupy the hollow distances between the light, but few have the desire and grit to seek out such places in search of the unimaginable. The Skrobot twins are two such intrepid investigators. Veterans of countless paranormal investigations, the Skrobot’s place themselves in the dark bizarre places few of us would ever dare to tread in search of spirits and other supernatural activity.

Like many twins, Connor and Gage have a unique ability to sense what the other is thinking or feeling without much verbal communication. This acute awareness is perhaps what has drawn and equipped them for such a unique hobby. When asked about their experiences with the paranormal, their eyes light up with all the youthful exuberance one would expect from a child on Christmas morning. The enigmatic twins relay their experiences through a hodgepodge of vignettes that serve to reveal as much about their incalculable charm as it does about the ghosts they’ve encountered.

The Skrobot’s posit that the Mountain View Hotel in Centennial, WY is haunted by one John Andy Fischer, the father of the Wyoming State Library system who was killed by a bus in Denver in the 1970’s. The twins assert that he is a friendly ghost that is more active than your typical spirit. I must admit that I have little experience with the supernatural, so if you're curious, I guess you’ll just have to go and see for yourself ...... 'if the spirit moves you' (pun intended)!