A formidable landmark, Arthur's Seat can be found in the center of the City of Edinburgh, Scotland. Known locally as the Lion's Head, Arthur's Seat is the highest of a series of peaks which take the form of a crouched lion. As the highest point in the city you can see both the Firth of Forth and Edinburgh Castle.

Geologically, Arthur's Seat is what remains of an ancient basalt lava plug that choked off the neck of a now extinct volcano that was active around 335 million years ago. The peak is a popular walk that allows for panoramic views of the city. To visit Edinburgh and not climb Arthur's Seat would be like visiting the Grand Canyon and not descending down into the river basin. Here is the view of Edinburgh Castle from the peak.


Peach says:
at: August 15, 2010 at 6:56 AM said...

I went to the University of Edinburgh for a semester in 2004. I had a view of Arthur's seat out the window of my flat. I love the close proximity to the Royal Mile, being able to hike the "mountain" and then being able to walk the cobblestones that lead up to the castle. Truly an amazing city with lots of history.